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Creator Economy Tools | Full Database with 1000+ tools, apps, startups, and companies in the creator economy.

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A collection of all the tools, platforms, and startups I have accumulated over my 5+ years in the Creator Economy.

  • Over 1000+ tools in both Notion & Airtable.
  • Featuring Startups, (AI) tools, Resources, etc.
  • For Creators: Easily find your new favorite tools to take your journey to the next level!
  • For Professionals: Save hundreds of hours of research and get an overview over this vast industry - great for building industry reports, competitors analysis, and more.

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What's Inside?

  • All-in-one tools: 60 all-in-one platforms & tools that allow creators to run their business, create content, monetize their audience, etc.
  • Community & Engagement: 226 tools that help creators connect with their audiences on a deeper level, send newsletters, and engage with their fans.
  • AI Tools: 259 Amazing AI tools that assist creators in their daily lives, from content creation to monetization.
  • Link in bio platform: 80 link-in-bio platforms that allow anyone to display their content, social media profiles, and more.
  • Monetization app/tool/platform: 173 platforms to monetize content & audiences.
  • Content Creation: 226 tools to help creators create better content, write viral tweets, edit their videos, choose the best stock images, and more.
  • Course Creator: 48 best course platforms to create and sell online courses & communities.
  • Website Builder: 57 website builders to establish presence online. No need to code 😇
  • Livestreaming: 59 Livestreaming tools to host webinars, connect with true fans, and do fun challenges.
  • Adult: 15 platforms for the more frisky creators to monetize their content.
  • E-Commerce: 59 e-commerce platforms to design merch, sell digital & physical products, and more.
  • Finance: 37 tools to keep track of finances, raise investments, and better invoicing.
  • Social Media Management: 36 social media management tools that help creators schedule their content, keep their consistency going, and
  • Influencer Marketing/Brand Deals: 54 Influencer Marketing Platforms/Tools to secure brand deals, UGC platforms, and more.
  • Web3/NFT/Blockchain: 39 tools & platforms in the Web3/NFT space that are useful for creators to launch coins, communities, and more.
  • Other: 151 tools that don't really belong to a certain category, think of podcasts, creator communities, mediakit generators, legal platforms, and more.

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Notion Database of 1000+ Creator Economy Tools
Airtable Database with downloadable .csv of 1000+ Creator Economy Tools
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Creator Economy Tools | Full Database with 1000+ tools, apps, startups, and companies in the creator economy.

17 ratings
I want this!